Spring Break comes at just the right time

By: Autumn Barszczowski

Next week begins Point Park University’s spring break. Most students have been complaining about the break since the beginning of the semester, all because of the dates that it falls on.

Personally, I don’t see what the fuss is all about.

Sure, for years we have been shown images of college spring breaks on TV, where students are partying on beaches for the majority of their break. It gave us the false sense that spring breaks were filled with warmth and a carefree vibe.

That just isn’t the reality of the situation. Other colleges in Pittsburgh are holding their “spring” breaks within the next two weeks as well. We aren’t alone. Just from a quick search, I can see that both the University of Pittsburgh and Carlow University are also holding their breaks in the first week of March.

At this point we’re halfway through the semester. I have been exhausted since week two of classes and have barely had a weekend to rest. All I know is that I need a break; I need a week to do the things I want to do, instead of the things I have to do.

Spring break is meant to be a chance for us to relax. To have a week where we don’t need to attend classes and instead, can fill the time with whatever we choose.

Personally, I am tagging along with the Honors Program to New York City for the majority of the week. My advertising team will spend the beginning half gearing up for the completion of our book.

We will have the time to do whatever we need or want to do, and in my mind, the timing of this break is perfect. It may not be the most spring-like spring break, but it’s a break, nonetheless.

Along those lines, I would argue that this spring semester isn’t even spring-like at this point. Being in Pittsburgh means that as soon as January hits, we go through a variety of seasons within just these few months.

The second semester has never felt like spring to me, so I’m not surprised that spring break doesn’t feel like spring to me either.

My favorite part is that this break isn’t dictated by when a holiday is. In the fall, we have to wait until Thanksgiving for a break to roll around, and typically it’s only a week or two before the end of the semester. Thanksgiving break is typically occupied by family visits while final exams loom overhead.

Spring break is conveniently placed right after most midterms so we don’t have to gear up to take exams as soon as we return. Instead, we have the chance to relax before we come back to tackle the second half of the semester.

Spring break is perfectly placed in our academic calendar. The halfway point of the semester reminds me that I only have halfway to go before summer. That’s enough for me and hopefully that’s enough for you.

Originally published in The Globe